O.C Summer Development Prompts

Hey pals,

I’ve been trying to get back into writing. I’ve been struggling with this novel idea for about four years. So I wanted to fill in this little prompt Q&A about my two main characters. I will refer to them as G and M coz one is getting a name change but I’m not sure what to just yet so I’ll stick to their first name initials. I’m not sure how interesting this will be to my readers, but I hope you like it even if only to do this yourself!

~ Artie


1 summer traditions

G: they go to see their grandma (normally alone) every summer and usually spend the whole time there

M: his family normally all go on some kind of trip together (usually within the U.K sometimes Europe)


2 what does your O.C associate with summer?

G: hot days at the beach or by a lake, playing guitar whilst their grandma paints

M: feeling a bit lonely, keeping busy working.


3 favourite summer memory

G: going for nature walks with their grandma before her health declined.
M: fighting with his older brother in the local pool.


4 do they go to outdoor festivals or summer fairs?

G: sometimes, there are small festivals near their grandma’s house and they walk around outdoor craft or vintage fairs together

M: not really, they’re expensive and he would rather save his money.


5 do they go see firework displays?

G: definitely! They get surprisingly excited about seeing them

M: it’s normally a family event when they go on holiday, if there isn’t one on, they’ll put one on themselves.


6 how do they cool down on a hot day?

G: dangle feet in the pool at their grandma’s, rub ice over themselves.

M: constantly drinking water and pouring it over his hands and head, especially when out working.


7 what’s their favourite cool summer treat?

G: sour slushies are great but they like their iced coffee a lot too.

M: swirly soft icecream on a cone, maybe a blue slushie.


8 have they ever been to summer camp?

G: nope. Almost one year for kids who play musical instruments but fell out with their dad who was paying.

M: no, too expensive.


9 do they go camping? Do they enjoy it?

G: they have been, they do not like it.

M: occasionally and yes. Some years that’s the family holiday.


10 do they go on holidays?

G: they visit their grandma every year, they could afford to go on holiday but would much rather spend quality time with her.

M: yes, camping, caravanning, B&Bs around the U.K and sometimes places in Europe when they’ve saved enough as a family.


11 what do they roast over a bonfire?

G: marshmallows

M: marshmallows


12 do they go to or host BBQs?

G: not really either, if they’re in the U.K they will go to a friend’s BBQ

M: yes, their family will host one every two weeks and invite all the neighbours.


13 typical summer outfit

G: black or grey denim shorts, probably ripped/crew-neck t-shirt/baseball cap/converse or vans

M: blue denim shorts, rolled up/a baseball t-shirt or a tank top/vans high tops or some proper sports trainers


14 most hated summer attire/staple

G: they hate dudes in tank tops… even M.

M: anyone wearing socks with their sandals or flip-flops, not even for how they look but the thought of how uncomfortable that must feel?


15 what do they wear swimming?

G: they don’t really go swimming unless at their grandma’s coz no one’s around but their chest binder and swim trunks

M: brightly patterned swim trunks


16 do they do their hair differently in summer?

G: it’s normally squashed under a baseball cap coz they sweat so much on their forehead their hair looks shocking

M: not really only if they wear a bandanna, that’s normally to soak up his sweat


17 preferred summer shoes?

G: any comfy trainers

M: sports trainers but sandals when he isn’t doing anything much


18 how do they avoid sweating?

G: lots of roll on and spray deodorants, showering regularly, trying not to wear too many layers.

M: wearing minimal layers, but he doesn’t really smell if he gets sweaty so he’s not too worried.


19 are they more or less social in summer?

G: less because they’re away from people they’re normally around but also more because they socialise a lot with their grandma and her friends/neighbours.

M: less, he works a lot and likes to use summer as time to spend with family


20 summer night activities?

G: laying out on a sunbed or dangling feet in the pool and watching the stars, maybe playing guitar

M: sitting in the back garden with his older brother and maybe his girlfriend/fiance


21 suncream? How easily do they burn?

G: needs factor 50 because they’re a pasty fucker and burn really easily

M: doesn’t really need suncream because he doesn’t burn but wears like factor 25 to protect himself anyway coz he spends a lot of time in the sun


22 summer song/playlist

G: Meet Me In The Woods – Lord Huron

M: Kiss the Boy – Keiynan Lonsdale


23 preferred novelty pool float

G: a cactus floaty bed thing

M: a yellow rubber duck


24 summer reading challenges?

G: yes and no, always has a list of books they want to read. Usually consists of biographies of their favourite musicians.

M: totally, but completely unofficial he’s too embarrassed to share it on social media. He loves reading all kinds of books but started to get into reading poetry books.


25 summer romance?

G: not yet.

M: summer pining.


26 describe a water fight between them

G: likely the one to get out water guns or the hose

M: will pick the other up and jump into the pool together and then splash at each other in the pool.


27 do they go to bootsales? Do they ever sell at bootsales?

G: all the time with their grandma, they don’t sell anything though.

M: sometimes, normally just for something the family can do together. Every couple of years the parents get everyone to clear out some of the storage spaces and they all go to sell stuff at a bootsale together.


28 family reunions?

G: nah, they would be lucky to even get their parents in the same place anymore

M: depends, sometimes.


29 summer job

G: nah

M: totally! He always has a summer hustle.


30 do they mow the garden? Do they mow other people’s gardens?

G: their grandma’s if the gardener can’t make it for some reason

M: He mows the family garden and all the neighbours for some cash, he doesn’t like to charge them much though.


31 what’s one thing they only do in summer?

G: seeing their grandma basically

M: read for enjoyment


32 how do they feel at the end of summer?

G: sad, they don’t ever want to leave their grandma, they worry about her.

M: sad but excited to see their friends again, especially G.



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