Chronically Cute Cards

Hey pals,


A while ago I came across #chr0nicallycutecards. This is a project run by a woman named Ruby who hand-makes cards for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities in an attempt to provide some positivity in the world. Ruby is a university student who has EDS.


I have a disability that gives me chronic pain and other unwelcome symptoms. Seeing this project got me very excited, so I placed a request for a card. You can request for yourself or someone you know to help boost morale. It can be really isolating and difficult living in pain and this project is made to help reverse this.


People with chronic illnesses or disabilities are often not talked about, listened to, or believed. They often don’t feature in traditional media at all, especially invisible illnesses. We experience a lot of being brushed to one side with or without visible signs of our illnesses or disability.


I’d forgotten about ordering my card until it arrived one day in early November. Ruby wrote a really nice little message inside the card that would change someone’s day to be less shitty. I immediately posted about it on instagram and still have it up on display in my bedroom.


I’m writing about this to direct some attention towards her. (all links at the end of this post) She has had many requests since an article was written about her and published in the Metro paper, but this isn’t a cheap hobby. This is something that can help make disabled and chronically ill people feel loved and cared about. We need more of this positivity within the disabled community, so this project needs some financial support!


Please donate whatever you can to this wonderful endeavour here.


The world needs more positive energy in the world.


~ Artie


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